How to Build Your Brand on Facebook

Learn how to build your brand on Facebook. Reach more people, engage with them, and grow your business online.

There are more than 2 billion Facebook users across the globe. What this means is that there's a huge audience for you to reach out to and engage with.

If your business has a presence on Facebook, it's important that you're using it to its fullest potential. In this article, we'll explore how small businesses can use Facebook as an effective marketing platform and build their brands in the process.

Building Your Brand

In the first part of this post, we'll cover some of the basics that any business should know about Facebook marketing. In the second part, we'll explore how to start building your brand on Facebook with quality content.

Marketing Basics: Marketing Basics For Small Businesses On Facebook (Part One)

To succeed on Facebook, it's important that you have a specific strategy in place. This is different from your marketing plan for other channels because so much of what happens on this platform will be based on the organic reach that you're able to generate and not just from paid ad campaigns. The reality of social media is that if people don't see posts organically then they won't click through them or engage with them even though they may see sponsored ads within their feeds.

That means deciding what type of content you want to share, how often you need to post it for your audience's newsfeeds not to become tired of seeing the same thing over and over again, and which platform will work best for what you're trying to do.

The Importance Of Quality Content & How To Create It (Part Two)

Live video is a great way of building engagement with people who might otherwise be turned off by more traditional forms of marketing.

The first step is figuring out where viewers are most likely going to see your content. This is a question that not every business needs to answer, but for those who do it can make all the difference. Live video content will most likely be seen by your Facebook followers and friends-of-friends of yours on their feeds or in the notifications they receive when you go live.

Live videos are time-sensitive - some brands use them as another way to share product releases with fans while others use the format to offer tutorials on how certain products work. It's also possible to run contests during a live stream so there's more engagement from viewers within the app itself.

The second step is to create content that people are eager for. Whether it's a video, an article or a photo album, the best way to encourage engagement on Facebook is by producing engaging content.

When creating content that will be seen in your followers' newsfeeds rather than posts themselves you need to make sure there's something within the post - whether it's humour, relevance or just good old fashioned advice- worth clicking into and reading more of.

The third step is all about building trust with viewers and customers alike. A study done by Sprout Social found that 80% of consumers say they would purchase from a brand if they 'trust their values'. This means being transparent through what you share online as well as providing quality products and services at a price your customers can afford.

What's important for businesses of any size is that there's no single silver bullet solution for success; instead, each organisation needs to develop its social media strategy tailored towards specific goals and objectives.

Final Word

We have just briefly touched on some main steps to building your brand on Facebook. Stay tuned for more posts in this series that will dive deeper into the individual tactics and strategies you can use to grow your business's social media presence!